10 ways to get over a bad day


1. Go for a walk to let all your thinking out.

2. Do something that you think is fun.

3. Hang out with a friend.

4. Just sit and watch some TV and relax.

5. Sit in your room and ask to be alone.

6. Write a blog post on why you are sad and let out your feelings.

7. Talk to your parents and see if they have a solution.

8. Liston to some sad or happy music what ever would make you feel better.

9. Take your dog for a walk and take him to the park and have fun.

10. If you have a diary or a journal write in your journal what happened why you are mad or sad.

I have one more tip, try not to have a bad day.

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help haiti

As you probably know Haiti went through a terrible earthquake. I feel really bad and I just wanted to know how you feel. I wanted to let you know that they were a poor country before the earthquake and they are a poor devastated country now. I don’t think they should have had to go through this. I feel really bad for them. They are going through getting amputated and getting stitches with out any antiseptics. Around 200,00 people died from the earthquake. They have 200 000 people homeless in Haiti. They are trying to feed their family’s and are having trouble because there is enough food for us but they were having trouble with money before so they didn’t eat much so when they get food they want more. It is an outside hospital. It was about and 8.0 earthquake and then they had and aftershock of 6.1. Nobody in the world should have to go through that.  I just wanted to let you know what they are going through. Please give a donation even just a penny to help save Haiti.

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