A great book to read!

secret language of girls

Do you ever not know what book to read, your searching the library and just can’t find a book that appeals to you? . Well, do I ever have a good book for you! It is called The secret Language of Girls. It is a great book for all you girls who like to read teen dramas. I don’t want to spoil the book but I will tell you this… The main  charecters are: Marylin and Kate. I can also tell you that it is about Marylin and Kate,two best friends who get in a fight because of a girl named Flannery. It is a really good book and if you read it I know you would enjoy it. When I first took it out I was just trying to find a book, but now that I am reading the book I love it. I am not quite finished the book but when I sit down and start reading I can’t stop.

I really like this book and I think you would also. If you are a boy I don’t think that you would enjoy it as much but if you are a girl I think you would love it. This book is a wonderfull read! The auther of this book is Frances O’Roork Dowell another one of her books is  Chicken Boy and where I’d like to be. I am going to keep reading her books and keep loving them! I hope that you read her books and enjoy them just like I do. Check your local library or school library for these books. I hope that you love reading and enjoy what you are reading right now.

What are some good books you have read?


Hi I am going to write a bit about blogging.

I am really enjoying being able to blog. It is really fun, you get to write posts and you get to leave comments to your friends. You meet people from all over the world. If you don’t have a blog I think that you would like to have one. My favourite part about blogging is writing posts. I think it is really great to be able just to thump into your chair and vent about what you are doing. It’s like you have entered a whole new world of blogging. I also like meeting people from all over the world, who wouldn’t? I think it is really cool that we got to do blogging in school because most classes wouldn’t get to do blogging. I know for a fact that I would have never thought about getting a blog. Now that I have a blog I think I will always have one.

I can’t wait until I can blog by myself because then I will be able to post my posts when I am ready. I won’t have to wait.




Thanksgiving was on Monday so we got a holiday . My Thanksgiving was sadly in a hotel room because my brother was in a hockey tournament in Duncan. Our Thanksgiving dinner was still good though because my grandpa came and we had some turkey and vegetables and it tasted really good. Our hotel table could only fit me my big brother and my grandpa so my mom dad and my little brother had to eat on the couch. It wasn’t the most exiting Thanksgiving ever but it was Thanksgiving and all my family was there and that is all I care about. Sadly in the hockey tournament we lost every game but I am sure we will pick it up. I can’t wait  until our next tournament they are so much fun.

What did you do for Thanksgiving? 

What are you thankful for?


PJ Day…

We had PJ day on Friday, it was really fun. Some people didn’t participate but I made sure I did because I wanted to take advantage of being able t0 wear PJ’s to school. Lots of the girls wore pink pajamas, I did too. I like having Pajama day, I think it is really fun. We got to bring our stuffies, I brought my really big bunny. We brought our stuffy’s and we went in to the library and we made forts then read under the tables. We were the only class that brought pillows because we were the only class that made forts. I thought it was really fun because it was dark and quiet so it was a nice place to go and relax so we could read.

We have a leadership group in our school and they choose our fun days that we have, next year I will be old enough to be in the leadership group and I can’t wait!

What kind of theme days does your school do? What do you do on Pajama day? 


Hockey Tournament

Hello everyone, I am going to write a bit about what’s coming up on my weekend.

This weekend my brother has a hockey tournament and I am excited. My big brother is in rep hockey we have to travel some weekends and this weekend happens to be one of them. I like when we get to travel but it can get annoying sometimes. Luckily this weekend it is just in Duncan, and Duncan is not far. My favourite time for a hockey tournament is when it is here in Comox. I like to help out when they are here as I work the raffle table and it is really fun.


I am pretty excited the only bad part is we will be there for Thanksgiving weekend and have to eat in our hotel room. I like having them away though because I get to be in a pool every day basically whenever I want and it is really fun. I’m sure if you got to go all the time you would learn how to make it fun. We leave on Saturday and I am getting very excited. I can’t wait because as I said it is very fun.

While it can be boring sometimes, you just learn to make it fun and deal with it. I have friends on the hockey team so that makes it all better so you can have more fun.

Bye! Stay tuned for my latest post…


I am so exited for Halloween, it is getting closer and closer. I still don’t know what I am going to be but I will figure it out. I am starting to get more exited each day that goes by. I still need to figure out what I am going to do to decorate my house. I really like Halloween because you get to go and ask for candy and my street always has fireworks. The whole street comes and we watch fireworks drink apple cider and enjoy the time as a neighborhood. The only part that I don’t like about the fireworks is we send out invites and some people just invite them selves and it really bugs me.  I don’t like one part of Halloween, you feet hert sometimes and you get to much candy so you have to tell yourself when to stop.


I love Halloween it’s spooky and fun all at the same time. Those little flaws are just a bump in the road and I can get over them. Even though Haloween isn’t my favourite holiday its really fun. What do you like about Halloween? Does your  neighborhood do something? See you later!



Hello everybody… I am a cheerleader so I am going to write a bit about cheerleading. In cheerleading there is different things that you do.  One thing is the flyer, another is base there is two bases, a back and a front… I personally am a base. Also in cheerleading there is tumbling , tumbling is when you do back flips and cartwheels. We also do dancing, in cheerleading dancing isn’t really the same as if you were in a dance class. This is my first year of doing cheer so I am really exited because it’s super fun! I never want to quit cherleading and if you tryed it you wouldnt eather I know it…


I have practices two times a week and they are pretty harsh, but it is all worth it because as I said it’s super fun. I have done lots of sports and didn’t like them. I think I will stick with this one though. What sports do you do? Do you throw people in the air?  My advice: Try cheerleading.

Thanks for reading my post. Bye!

7 Random Things About Me!

1. I have been to Disneyland three times.

2. I am a cheerleader.

3. I have a Lasa Apso dog.

4. I don’t have any sisters.

5.  I am the middle child.

6.  I didn’t loose a tooth until I was six.

7. I used to do gymnastics.