Good Bye!

I would like to say good bye to all of you bloggers who read my blog this year. This year has been a great fun year for me and I have had lots of fun on blogs. But Now the year is over and I will be closing my blog down so this is my final goodbye post. I will not be writing any more posts and my blog will be retired. I hope you all had a good time reading my blog posts this year, I know I had a lot of fun writing them. Good Bye and have fun continuing your blog and all your posts and growing as a blogger.  It is my own decision to retire my blog I am still sad doing it.  I did not have total fun on blogs they were boaring at times and I don’t think i would do it again but I had some fun so it is a little sad. Good Bye

good bye


horseI am hoping this summer to learn to ride a horse. As most of you would know from old posts that I am a cheerleader so I have to try to convince my parents to let me horse back ride when I am not doing cheer. Which is about five months a year. If I like it enough I am sure my parents will let me do both. My grandma owns a farm in Alberta with my step grandpa, they are only there some of the time. They think they will buy horses so one of them would be half mine. Since they aren’t always there my step grandpas cousin would take care of it. I really hope they get one. I am sure if we found a horse for me to ride on my step grandpa would teach me, that would be fun. They live in Victoria in the farm part of town so if they could probably get somebody to lend me a horse to ride on. I really hope they get a horse!


“An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind.”

I agree with this statement because if someone takes a penny from somebody then the other somebody will take their five dollars and it will add on until they both have no money. Two sayings can go with this statement first one, “When you fight fire with fire all you are going to do is get burned” and “ two wrongs don’t make a right.” Revenge is a bad thing and nobody needs it.


unstableUnStableUnstable is a reality TY show on CMT. I just started watching it and it is really good. It has become one of my favourite shows. It is about two girls who just opened a new barn and called wendigo farms. The main people on the show is Megan she works in the stalls and it just starting to teach she is also the barn manager, Tammy she is the co owner and business manager, Allie is the owner and teacher of all of the boarders and lessons. Alex is Tammys daughter she will help a little bit and gets riding lessons with Allie. Jamie is a close friend with all of these girls, he also owns his own farm but will come help out at wendigo farms. A fact about the girls and Jamie is they used to keep their horses at his farm. In the picture at the top of this post is the lady in the pink is Allie, the little girl beside her is Alex. The one that Alex has her hands rapped around is Tammy and Megan is the girls in the striped shirt. In the picture on the side Tammy is in the front on the left is Allie and the girl on the right is Megan. This show has drama horses and friendships. I recommend that you watch this show.

Here is a link to a video that tells you a little bit about the show, click here.

Here is the link to the pictures picture 1  picture 2.

Thank you for reading… For more pictures go to google and type in Unstable Tammy Allie and Megan.

Does A Seed Have Life?

seeds Do you think a seed has life? Well I am a stuck in the middle I really don’t know if it has life. Here is some of my thinking.

These are the five questions a scientist asks to see if something is life. If one thing says no then it is not a living thing.

First thing:  Can it grow and develop? Yes it can.

Second thing: Can it reproduce to make more of its own kind? I don’t really know.

Third thing: Can it make or get food? It can not make food but it can get food but the only thing is not by itself.

Fourth thing: Can it use food? Yes it uses food to grow.

I can not remember the fifth thing right now but when I know I will post it. 

I do not think that a seed is life I think that it turns into life but I think as a seed it is not life.

What do you think? Feel free to leave a comment telling me if you disagree or agree with me.

Earth Week

blog pictureI look up and all I can see is the beautiful blue sky and big green bushy trees. The sound of the wind fills my ears, and the wind hits my face. The flys are flying around me and smack they land on a bush.I walk through the green moss that surrounds the ground. I sit next to a baby tree a beautiful baby tree, waiting to grow. I look around and all is see not to my surprise is green green green. I feel the soft moss going through my fingers. As I walk through the forest I see lots of holly and get poked by some to. I go to sit on a log and all I can hear is one singe bird chirping and one single tree squeaking. The bees are buzzing and the spiderwebs and cobwebs are shining from the sun that is blazing onto my back. I smell the forest around me and I can taste the fresh air that is also blowing through my hair. The woods are bright from natures light bulb that we call the sun. The branches fall to my feet and a cloud of dirt puffs from the natures core. As I go down further the bushes go higher and higher over my head. As we walk out of the forest I have realized how lucky we are to live on this earth…


easter post

Don’t you love when you wake up in the morning and walk in to the room and look around and see the eggs hiding around you. I know I do, and that is how I feel every Easter morning. Then when you hunt for eggs the race to find all the candy. You just have to find more then your brother or sister. Well at the end with my family it doesn’t really matter because we all split them up in the end. For my family after we are done with all of the looking for the eggs we get ready and head down to Nanaimo to go see my cousins and do a egg hunt there. Then we spend the day there. One thing that is a tradition in my family is we have a cake that someone in the family will bake with the family recipe and then decorate it. It is really good.

I love easter time, do you?

What is your family traditions for Easter?

Picture by: midiman called: eggsellent

My Spring Break

rose For my Spring Break I went to Victoria and my cousins came with us. We stayed and my Grandma and Grandpas house. On the first day we just hung out. But that night we went to the movie Alice in Wonderland in 3-D I had lots of fun it was a really good movie. We went to the mall the second day  and after the mall we went to my Nana’s house for my big brothers second family birthday in two days. Because the night before we had, had dinner at my Grandma and Grandpas house. After we ate the kids went downstairs like we always do. We played a game of pool which I really stunk at. We went home about two hours later. We stayed at my Grandma and Grandpas again that night. When I woke up the next morning we had breakfast and head out again. That day what we did was we went to beacon hill park. After we went to lunch. Then we went for a drive in a place with really nice houses where my moms friend lives. After that we went to my other grandpas house where we had yet another birthday dinner. After that we dropped my cousin off and drove back home. The next day I just hung out. By Saturday my little bother had a hockey tournament. 4 games for a 5 year old in one day happens to be a lot. The next day he had his hockey rap up. We just hung out. My dad finally got home from Horn Lake with my brother. The next day I had school, spring break fun was over…

Picture by: Athena’s Pix (In Ireland for Easter) Called Pink Rose in the Evening light

12 of my favourite foods

lime1. Cucumbers because they are so juicy.

2. Cheese because it is so soft going down your throat.

3. Tomatoes because they squirt in you mouth when you bite them.

4. Popcorn because it can be crunchy or soft. It is a mix of flavor.

5.  Strawberries because they are just so delicious.

6. Cheese Rice Crackers because I love cheese.

7. Oranges because they can be sour or sweet.

8. Limes because they are so sour and I love sour food.

9. Kiwi because they are really juicy.

10. Peaches because I  love most fruit. Also they are really soft.

11. Apricots because they are really smooth going down your throat.

12. Macaroni because it is so cheesy.

Picture by: Darwin Bell Called: Tower of limes